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People who watch video on their mobile phone spend more than half their time watching videos that are longer than 30 minutes. That’s a very surprising fact. For years, it’s been all about the short-form. Keep it under five minutes if you want viewers to click and stay until the end – especially mobile viewers. They’re on the move and they don’t have time for a ten minute tutorial or an hour long TV show.

Clearly, that thinking doesn’t apply anymore.

According to Ooyala’s Q4 Global Video Index video viewing on tablets and smartphones is up 160% year-over-year. Think that’s a lot? Try 719% from Q4 2011.

Now look at the breakdown by device:

Ooyala Video by Device

Going by these little dials, long-form totally rules. Desktop and Tablet viewers come in around 60% but look at Mobile (non-tablet) with 75%.

Looking just at long-form, we see that mobile viewers are happy to sit down and consume more than 60 minutes at one time. What are they watching? Sports is a biggie with an average of just under 20 minutes per play. If it’s live, it’s even better and we’re not just talking sports.

Desktop viewers consume an average of 35 minutes per play when the event is live. This could be news coverage, a webinar, an online concert, etc.  On tablets, live stream consumption is 2x greater than video on demand. In other words, stop putting off that live tutorial or interview that you’ve been planning. The time is now.

The key to reaching this mobile audience is knowing your audience. 34% of digital brands told Ooyala that they felt they knew their audience “extremely well.” 59% said they knew “a little” about them. That’s not good. How can you serve your audience if you don’t know your audience? Are they under 20? Over 40? Mostly women? High income? Urban?

If you’re posting video to YouTube, you can pull most of this from the analytics but I’d bet that a third of the people who read this have never looked beyond the opening screen of the analytic dashboard. The only reason those people even bother is to see how many pennies they made this week in Adsense.

Not surprisingly, 83% of publishers said they saw video monetization as a huge opportunity. It is but it’s more than that. Video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It allows you to not only pass along helpful information, video is personal, so your customer feels like they know you. We’d all rather buy from someone we know, so don’t be shy about putting your face and personality in your business vids.

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