Twitter breaks the character limit with promoted Website Cards

Twitter is rolling out a new ad unit that will allow you to pack more information into a small space. It’s called a Website Card and it looks. . . okay, you know what I’m going to say here. . . it looks like a Facebook post.


Instead of just showing a link to your website post like a traditional Tweet, Website Cards show an “engaging photo” and additional information about your site.

The announcement post says you can use a Website Card to drive traffic to any page on your website – a blog post, a product page,  a special sale page. . . nice. Twitter says that in tests they saw higher engagement and lower CPC. Makes sense. Anytime you give a person a large preview they’re more likely to click. It’s why photos and videos do better than straight text, especially on a highly skimable newsfeed.

PopSugar study says lifestyle videos are the way to a woman’s heart

Popsugar Mobile FirstVideo is one of the most underused marketing tools available to the average small business owner. I know why. It takes effort, equipment, creativity and some know-how to make a good video. People will give it a shot once or twice but soon find it’s too much work on a regular basis.

That’s a shame because video is an extremely effective way of connecting with your customers – particularly the women.

PopSugar and ulive teamed up to conduct a survey about how women consume lifestyle content. What they found was that women watch videos for two main reasons, to be entertained (74%) and to learn (71%). 60% also said they watch videos because it inspires them to try something new.

Pinterest Guided Search helps users cut through the clutter

Pinterest Guided SearchRight now there are more than 30 billion Pins on Pinterest. That’s a lot of stuff to sift through when you’re looking for something or worse, when you don’t know what you’re looking for.  But now there’s Guided Search. This tool categorizes like photos into groups so you can filter your results faster.

It’s the difference between BBQ – I want to eat some. I want to come some or I want to build one. Same keyword, three very different responses.

You can try it on the English mobile apps now. Pinterest says the website will change over soon and then they’ll update their intentional sites.

Social media marketers can’t get no satisfaction but they keep trying anyway

bang headForrester’s new report “Benchmark Your North American Social Marketing Efforts” make a very simple, but very disturbing point. The majority of social media marketers are spending and will keep spending their time on tactics that disappoint.

Hmm. . . remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. But it’s not all the marketer’s fault, is it? Social media keeps changing and shifting so what might have worked a year ago simply doesn’t measure up anymore. But therein lies the problem – as social media shifts, we have to shift too but breaking up is hard to do.

Facebook Newswire uses Twitter to keep journalists informed

FB Newswire TwitterPart of my job is to search the internet for news stories so I can keep my readers informed about what’s happening in the world. I can’t read scan every site every day, so I – like most journalists, depend on curators to help me sort out the important topics from the meh topics.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that Facebook was launching a Newswire service, “a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce.”

Imagine my surprise when I learned that you can access Facebook Newswire on Twitter! Isn’t that like the President of McDonalds eating lunch at Burger King?

I wonder if they have a Google+ page, too. . . .

Facebook CTRs, comments and shares are all up; so why are marketers so unhappy?

adobe comments upIt’s not just me this time. Facebook Page owners from every size and type of business are talking about how Facebook simply isn’t working for them anymore. Likes have slowed. Posts don’t show up in the newsfeed. Ads don’t convert.

Adobe says we’re wrong. According to the new Adobe Digital Index Q1 2014 Social Intelligence Report, “Facebook is back at the top of the mountain.”

I wouldn’t usually question a source like Adobe. They did put in the effort, analyzing over 250 billion Facebook ad impressions and 226 billion posts. So, I’m sure the numbers are correct – but I still find them hard to believe.

Maybe I’m missing something?

Type new task: Configure updated profile page on Twitter

If you haven’t been on in the past two days, plan to head over there later today because you have some work to do. Twitter just rolled out their new profile update and it’s a beauty.


new Twitter profile 2014If you’re lucky, you’ll find a note and a link at the top of your desktop profile page. If you don’t have the link, visit the new profile page instruction site and click the Get it Now button.

Before you press the button, you’ll want to give the graphics some thought. The new headers max out at nearly 1500 pixels wide and around 360 in height. Like Facebook, your profile icon cuts into the lower right hand corner of the header art so keep that in mind especially if you have text on your header.