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Pinterest Guided SearchRight now there are more than 30 billion Pins on Pinterest. That’s a lot of stuff to sift through when you’re looking for something or worse, when you don’t know what you’re looking for.  But now there’s Guided Search. This tool categorizes like photos into groups so you can filter your results faster.

It’s the difference between BBQ – I want to eat some. I want to come some or I want to build one. Same keyword, three very different responses.

You can try it on the English mobile apps now. Pinterest says the website will change over soon and then they’ll update their intentional sites.

Now it’s even more important that you fill out that description box with excellent keywords on every pin. This is how the search engine decides where to put your image though I imagine it’s also doing a little image matching as well. A sneaker’s a sneaker but a bat could be a piece of sports equipment or a freaky beast so it can’t be all text based.

What’s really intriguing is how poetic Guided Search can be. It’s one thing to deliver recipes when you ask for pancakes, but “running” returns options for motivation, songs, and tips.

To introduce the new series Pinterest created an emotional, aspirational video that brought a tear to my eye. No joke, this is like Hallmark gold. Who would have thought that an image-based social media site could be such a catalyst for togetherness and adventure. Made me want to dig out my backpack and go climb a mountain. . . a small one. . . with a shopping center and food court at the top.

Let’s take a brief moment to have our hearts warmed.

Did you cry? More importantly, did you see the possibilities? It may seem like a small shift but it’s a huge change in how people will use the site going forward.

Want a piece of that? Stop uploading those boring, half-filled out pins and start uploading bright, compelling photos with helpful text in the description box. That’s how you win at the Pinterest game.



  • Sofia Pinelli

    Yes, I totally cried! How did they do it? Maybe not cry, but I welled up. That was a great video and I can’t wait to use it. Pinterest rocks.