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Popsugar Mobile FirstVideo is one of the most underused marketing tools available to the average small business owner. I know why. It takes effort, equipment, creativity and some know-how to make a good video. People will give it a shot once or twice but soon find it’s too much work on a regular basis.

That’s a shame because video is an extremely effective way of connecting with your customers – particularly the women.

PopSugar and ulive teamed up to conduct a survey about how women consume lifestyle content. What they found was that women watch videos for two main reasons, to be entertained (74%) and to learn (71%). 60% also said they watch videos because it inspires them to try something new.

More than half the women surveyed said they watch lifestyle videos to learn more about products and brands and power viewers (more than 240 minutes of lifestyle content a month) often visit a site or store to purchase the items they saw in a video.

Because they’re busy, women look to online videos to teach them what they need to know. This includes swapping out the kind of training they used to get in person (make-up tutorials at the make-up counter, fitness training at the gym) in favor of short-bite videos.

That doesn’t mean you can slap a sloppy video up on YouTube and get a high return. Women want a well produced video that is fun to watch and authentic. 49% want more “how-to” instructional videos and 50% are looking for mobile healthy living content but they can’t find it.

What’s in it for you?

After watching lifestyle videos, 66% of women seek more information, including information about brands, and 60% share the videos with both friends and family offline and online via social media.

The video market is wide open. This isn’t about becoming a million dollar YouTube star. This is about building a solid, consistent, informational channel with a loyal following. That’s what you’re looking for – the mom who looks forward to your weekly updates then clicks through to try the products you’ve recommended.

Can’t come up with an idea on your own? Search YouTube for vidders in your space and make someone a sponsorship deal. There are plenty of excellent video makers who would be happy to show off your products in return for freebies and some cash.

Social media may be stumbling, but there’s plenty of room to make a name for yourself in video. You just need to put in a little more work to make it so.

  • Cynthia, this is positively spot on! For women, and men I believe, because we seek a dream, or a lifestyle, before all else. I built my blog and brand on living the internet lifestyle because people are likely to respond emotionally to these types of videos versus a bland, boring how to piece. I film virtually all my videos from paradise these days – in Koh Lanta now – because I want people to be here with me, and to feel the authenticity of my message.

    Awesome post. I found it on kingged(dot)com and voted it up 😉