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The guys and gals over at Owler get it. They figured out that you don’t have to spend five-figures to make a fun, and very effective, video that explains your business and gets a customer to understand what you do in under two minutes. Check this out.

Great video, right? So how can you do the same without breaking the bank? Here is what Owler had to say about the making of this video.

Start With Identifying Your Benefits

We started by brainstorming the most important benefits of Owler to our target audience. We narrowed it down to three benefits. Company alerts, curated “noise-free” news and community polls.

How To “Show” The Benefits?

We wanted to take a different approach with live action instead of animation. Instead of showing the benefits literally, we used our logo mascot as a real-world demonstration of the online benefits and came up with one scene for each benefit.

How Did You Film It?

First we sketched out the storyboards and filmed it internally with a digital camcorder and simple three point lighting kit. Our designer was actually the actor inside the big orange owl costume.

Has It Worked For You?

The video has been reposted to several blogs and shared/viewed thousands of times across social media. It has also increased the conversion rate for new users on As a result, the upcoming design of our homepage features the video more prominently.

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  • Brett Miller

    Thanks for the shout out! Great post.