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It’s important for marketers to keep up on trends because trends can help you catch the consumer’s eye. Hey, there’s a reason why every brand from Oreo to NASA Tweets on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re a nation of collective thinking. Did you see the Game of Thrones premiere? Can you believe the latest social media faux pas? And how about that final goal in last night’s hockey game?

Want to know what people are talking about? Check Google Trends. This webpage is a constantly updating list of the hottest searches sliced and diced into bite-sized pieces.

Google Trends

Don’t have time to constantly check for new updates? Google has a tool for you! It’s the hot, spanking, new Google Trends subscribe button. Use it to get email updates on any search term, Hot Search list by country or the US Monthly Top Chart.

When you subscribe to Hot Searches you have a choice of getting an email Once a Day, Once a Week or As-it Happens. Options for everyone!

hottest searches

You can also use the “Add Subscription” button on the subscription management page to create an alert for any topic you want. The only thing odd about this method is you can only have alerts delivered Once a Week or Once a Month. I suppose because these are just trending alerts, they’re not the general alerts you can set up through Google. Some concepts are never going to trend, right? So once a week is more than plenty. (I wonder if the tools sends an email telling your there are no trending stories. . . ?)

If you’re a content producer, this new service could help drive more traffic to your site. When a reader clicks on a trending topic, they go to the Google search page for that topic which often includes the hot news stories at the top.

Even if you’re not in the content marketing biz, Google Trends alerts is a nice tool to help you stay on top of what everyone’s talking about. Knowing what happened on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy could be just the conversation starter you need to break the ice at tonight’s networking event.