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Twitter is rolling out a new ad unit that will allow you to pack more information into a small space. It’s called a Website Card and it looks. . . okay, you know what I’m going to say here. . . it looks like a Facebook post.


Instead of just showing a link to your website post like a traditional Tweet, Website Cards show an “engaging photo” and additional information about your site.

The announcement post says you can use a Website Card to drive traffic to any page on your website – a blog post, a product page,  a special sale page. . . nice. Twitter says that in tests they saw higher engagement and lower CPC. Makes sense. Anytime you give a person a large preview they’re more likely to click. It’s why photos and videos do better than straight text, especially on a highly skimable newsfeed.

Right now, this is a paid advertising option but it’s easy to see Twitter moving in this direction for all Tweets. As paid ads, they’re special and might help drum up more ad dollars but transitioning Twitter as a whole to this type of update might bring in more users. Which would Twitter rather have – cash from a few big brands or twice as many active users?

With Facebook reducing the number of branded posts that show up in the feed, Twitter has a chance to win over all those brands because they don’t filter. If you follow a brand, you get their Tweets – all of them.

Imagine a Twitter feed with nothing but fully-fleshed out Twitter cards with preview images and text for every link. It would force you to scroll more because there would be less Tweets per page, but you’d want to scroll more because it’s eye-catching and interesting.

I could get behind that. How about you?

For now, it’s a paid option. You’ll find it under the Creatives heading in the Twitter Ad Manager. From there, choose Cards –> website and you’ll get this easy-to-use tool with a lovely preview of both the mobile and web ad.

Website Card Tool

So simple.

Is it worth the money? That, you’ll have to figure out for yourself.