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If you haven’t been on in the past two days, plan to head over there later today because you have some work to do. Twitter just rolled out their new profile update and it’s a beauty.


new Twitter profile 2014If you’re lucky, you’ll find a note and a link at the top of your desktop profile page. If you don’t have the link, visit the new profile page instruction site and click the Get it Now button.

Before you press the button, you’ll want to give the graphics some thought. The new headers max out at nearly 1500 pixels wide and around 360 in height. Like Facebook, your profile icon cuts into the lower right hand corner of the header art so keep that in mind especially if you have text on your header.

Once you agree to convert your page, you can make the header and icon changes right from the profile page. This is nice because it makes it easier to change on a regular basis. This is something you should consider. This is prime advertising space, so use it to show your latest and greatest product, service or event.

Lining up your new header is much easier than it is on YouTube (thank heavens!). After you upload your chosen graphic there’s quite a bit of leeway in the crop and the size of the image. Again, it’s easy to change so don’t sweat it. Just play around until you get the hang of it.

Pin a Tweet

The next thing you’ll want to do is pin a Tweet to the top of your page. Sound familiar? Yes, you can do the same thing on your Facebook Page. Try it out and see how it goes for you. Think of it as a mini bulletin board for your hot news, new products and time sensitive links.

It’s hard to say how effective these pinned Tweets could be. People don’t check out company Twitter pages in the same way they check out company Facebook pages but this update goes a long way toward changing that mentality. This update makes Twitter feel . . . solid (?) . . . like an actual web page instead of just a place holder with a long list of short messages.

Before you leave your new Twitter page, do one last thing. Look at the Favorites button underneath the header. It’s very prominent in this new format so people are going to click it. What will they find? I found a bunch of irrelevant Tweets that I favorited 3 years ago. Didn’t look so good, so I un-favorited them. (Boy, we really are inventing an entirely new language, aren’t we?)

While I’m on the subject, you should pay attention to your favorites on YouTube, too. Many people don’t realize that when they like a video it shows up in your front page feed for the world to see. Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t work if you’re selling a family friendly product but personally enjoy watching Walking Dead music videos.

Here’s one more thing to add to your To Do list. Log out of all of your social media accounts and then look at them as if you were a customer seeing your page for the first time. Poke around, click the links, read the comments – see what a stranger sees. Then log in and delete or change anything that isn’t in line with your brand or mission.