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Nerdy NummiesBethany Mota, Michelle Phan, Rosanna Pansino – they’re the young, female rockstars of YouTube.  Mota started filming YouTube videos as an emotional outlet when she was a lonely and bullied teen. She’s not lonely anymore. She now has 5,763,946 subscribers who tune in regularly to watch her videos on teen fashion, make-up, bedroom decor and well. . . teenage stuff.

Michelle Phan has been posting make-up tutorials since 2007 and has around 5 million fans. She also created a lifestyle network for women on YouTube called FAWN. Then there’s actress Rosanna Pansino who used her love of baking and all things geek to create Nerdy Nummies. Learn to bake Rubik’s Cube Brownies, Princess Peach Cobbler and more – 1,542,664 subscribers and counting.

All three of these women are doing very well thanks to YouTube. They’re celebrities with sponsorship deals and rabid fans and they reap the rewards both monetarily and in perks. But the average, casual YouTube watcher still doesn’t know their names. Google is aiming to fix that.

According to AdAge, Google is about to launch an ad campaign for these ladies that will hit TV, print, even the subway walls in New York and Chicago. Online, you’ll see ads for these channels popping up on banners and as homepage takeovers.

If all goes well, YouTube is expected to continue the experiment moving out into their other popular verticals. (I’m guessing Gaming and Comedy?)

It’s also been rumored that YouTube is looking for some pretty hefty ad commitments from top brands. In return, advertisers will get an audience guarantee – which sounds oh so much like buying ad time on a TV network.

And that’s really the whole point. YouTube is positioning itself as another channel option for viewers and we’re almost there.

25% of consumers say they plan to buy a connected TV in the next 12 months. Amazon just released a $99 box that hooks to your TV and let’s you easily watch Amazon Instant, Netflix and YouTube. A year from now, we won’t be talking about how people turn to mobile to watch videos, we’ll be talking about how they use the remote to switch from ABC to YouTube during primetime.

What does this mean for you, the marketer? It means well-produced, informative and /or funny videos are going to continue to rise in popularity. You can have a piece of that pie or stand aside and watch your competitors gobble down the whole thing. If you’re not in a position to create your own videos, search YouTube for an undiscovered star. Offer them a sponsorship and an exclusive contract and it could be your brand that ends up featured in the 2015 round of YouTube TV ads.