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We’ve seen a dozen other attempts to allow people to shop via their Twitter feed but this might be the best one yet. It’s #AmazonCart and it’s a simple way to capitalize on our need to buy things the moment we see them.

amazon cart

Here’s the pitch: you’re enjoying all of the fun and interesting tidbits on your Twitter feed when you see a Tweet about your favorite movie coming on on DVD. Gotta have it. There’s an Amazon link to the product on the Tweet which you could click, but then you have to log in to Amazon and go through the trouble of clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Then you have to go back to Twitter to finish reading.

There must be a better way!

Introducing #AmazonCart – the fast and easy way to add anything you see on Twitter (with an Amazon link) to your Amazon Shopping Cart without ever leaving Twitter. It’s a miracle.

All you have to do is hit reply then type hashtag #AmazonCart. The item is then added to your cart and it will sit there patiently waiting for you to come over to Amazon to complete the buying process. (You must connect your Twitter to your Amazon account prior to hashtagging for this to work.)

I sound like I’m mocking this new concept, but I honestly think it’s a real gem. I’m an Amazon affiliate and I talk about new DVD releases all the time. If my readers got into the habit of instantly adding those items to their cart from Twitter, I’m convinced that my commissions would double.

If you sell anything on Amazon, this is a potentially great way to get more people to buy your product. Send out a few “training Tweets” explaining how easy it is to put your products in their cart and you’re on the way.

Couple of points:

For this to work, you can’t use a shortened link. You have to paste a full Amazon link so people recognize it as coming from Amazon.

Second, people have to trust the system – that’s the hard part and the reason social shopping hasn’t caught on. A large number of people have to know the option exists and they have to get used to doing it regularly so it becomes a habit.

Since you’re not actually buying anything, there’s a low barrier for entry. It’s more of a virtual Post-it Note so you remember what you wanted to look at the next time you hit Amazon.

I tested the system this morning and it didn’t work. Maybe it takes a while for it to show up in the cart, but I’m about five minutes in and nothing. I’m also supposed to get a confirmation Tweet back from AmazonCart. I didn’t get one. I don’t know if that means I did something wrong, they’re bogged down with Tweets or it just takes time.

If it does work, I’ll use it because I’m always making lists of things I want to check out on Amazon.