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Facebook just added a new way to quickly post about your favorite TV shows, music or movies. Or not your favorites – just whatever you happen to be listening to at the moment. (I wonder if it picks up elevator music. . . )

Once you activate the tool, it’s always on and it will use the mic in your mobile device to detect any media playing in the background. If it finds a match, it gives you the option of adding that information to your post. This all happens while you’re typing whatever your typing so it can be the point of your post or not.

Facebook Audio Identifier
If you want to add the details, you have to click the smiley icon at the bottom of the post blank which takes you here:


Facebook Audio Identifier 2

Am I the only person who didn’t know all these options existed?

Pick Watching or Listening to and the tool automatically adds a nice graphic to your post. And that graphic appears to link out to Spotify or a Facebook page or some other branded element – thus the media companies are jumping up and down with joy. Think about it. I happen to be listening to Michael Bublé while I’m posting about my latest thrift store finds. One touch and I add that element to my post and now all my friends can jump on the Bublé bandwagon!

Oh, and Facebook says you don’t have to worry about TV spoilers because it doesn’t send the actual moment you watched, just a representative clip for the show.

If you’re in the music, movie or TV biz, this is a nice addition that, if it catches on, could mean a spike in activity.

If you’re not in the entertainment biz, you can still use this type of post to market your brand. Right now, it’s new and interesting so people will pay attention and Facebook is more likely to feature it in the feed. So why not use it to capitalize on what’s trending in entertainment? Make a Game of Thrones joke. Ariana Grande’s “Problem” is hot on the charts right now. Play it, let Facebook match it then talk about how your product will solve all of Ariana’s Problems. Hokey, I know, but people will notice and if you’re clever enough your audio match could go viral.