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How marketers use social media is not normal [infographic]

Those of you that are self-aware that your use of social media likely doesn’t gel with the remainder of the world will find the following amusing.

For those that have been in denial–or just ignorant bliss–then consider this your wake up call.

The “normal” population doesn’t wet its pants with the launch of every new social network and they certainly don’t go giddy over every new brand update.

Marketers Use Social Media



  • FrankReed

    A voice of reason in the wilderness! Since I have stepped into a different part of the working world that is not focused on Internet marketing and social media, I see this first hand. People are too busy trying to hit numbers and meet demands to spend the time needed to be effective on social media.
    That’s not to say it doesn’t work. It does to a degree but the depth and breadth of the true effectiveness in the ‘real world’ is very skewed by those ‘in the industry’. Of course, creating hype is part of the job so ‘the industry’ has that part down pat.
    If ‘the industry’ accepted the reality of how much social is REALLY used though there may be some disappointment for sure.

    • cynthialil

      Frank! I miss you. So nice to see your icon face. As for people like
      me not being normal…yeah well…I’ll take that as a compliment.

      It is true that we often forget that other people don’t spend as much time
      online as we do. My husband will send an email to a customer on ebay
      and then wonder why they didn’t reply within the hour. Oh yeah. . .
      maybe that person has a job where they can’t monitor their email 24-7. .
      or maybe they have a life. LOL.

      • Andy Beal

        Heh, I often have to remind myself that most people do not check their email as often as I do. ;-)

        P.S. I’m trying to get Frank to write an (ir)regular column, so keep working him. ;-)

        • cynthialil

          Geez, first you say we’re not normal, now you’re calling Frank irregular!

          • FrankReed

            Cynthia, Andy calling me irregular is better than the other names he called me when I was more regularly involved. :-).

  • Ann P

    On the up side, we do appear to throw much better office holiday parties.

  • Justin Belmont

    This infographic really shows the common disconnect between marketers and their audiences. It’s so important to know your audience well enough to understand what kind of content to deliver, and clearly this isn’t the case with most marketers. As content marketers, Prose Media really tries to engage with our audience on our various platforms, and that allows us to get feedback, which then allows us to get a better idea of what our audience is looking for with our feeds – that could help!