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Twitter and Facebook are both celebrating Mother’s Day with infographics and data lists. Might be some useful marketing nuggets in here, so let’s take a look at what they got.

Moms TwitterThe 4 ways moms us Twitter

Twitter did a fast user profile study and came up with some interesting info about moms on Twitter – like the fact that they use the service for a quick escape. I never thought about it that way before, but I do, too.

More than 60% of moms check their Twitter feed when they need a laugh and more than 76% will share those moments when they find them.

That’s a fact we can all use. Humor sells. Humor gets you noticed. Think about how you can include that in your next big pitch.

More than 50% of moms said they use Twitter to connect with others including family and friends. But a larger number (69%) sees Twitter as a way to connect with strangers who have similar interests.

Celebrities rule on Twitter – 67% said a reTweet from a celeb would make their day. If you have a celebrity attached to your brand, a few replies and reTweets will go a long way toward getting those influential moms in your corner.

Finally, interact with the moms who follow you. They expect it and will penalize you if you’re non-responsive.

Facebook and the 27 million moms

Facebook went the demographic route beginning with ages and places:

The average age of all mothers on Facebook is 47, while the average age of new moms who have had a baby since last Mother’s Day is 30

Facebook mom ageI’m digging that red bar in the 90+ column. Go, mama, go!

The states with the most moms on Facebook are Wyoming, West Virginia, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho.

The states with the fewest moms; New York, California, Virginia, Hawaii, New Jersey. Oddly both my birth state and my current home state made the list!

Proof that Facebook moms love a good laugh, too – the top links that were shared from child to mom last Mother’s Day:

Love that Family Guy clip.

Finally, Facebook lists the top Mother’s Day 2013 location check-ins from a variety of cities. The list includes restaurants like Two Urban Licks in Atlanta and Mimi’s Cafe in Las Vegas. Moms also went to amusement parks like Six Flags in Atlanta and lots of moms went to sporting events at Boston’s Fenway Park, Chicago’s US Cellular Field and LA’s Dodger Stadium.

For the full list visit Mother’s Day on Facebook.






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