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As a blogger, I’d rather have display ads than text ads on my site. Display ads don’t just look nicer, they actually add a certain. . . je ne sais quoi to my site that text ads simply don’t have. But, I’m reluctant to check the “display” only box in AdSense because I don’t want to limit my ad money-making opportunities.

Thank heavens, there’s a solution. Introducing the handy, dandy Magazine style ad from AdSense.

This magic tool turns any text ad into a display ad instantly! No buffing. No waxing. No waiting for the paint to dry.

Adsense magazine ads

Here’s how it works:

If a marketer with a text ad wins the bid on a display only site, the system will automatically reformat the text to look like the images you see above. Bigger boxes, nice shading, colorful text – actually readable and simple – but bigger. And because text ads can now compete with display ads, that means you’ve got a shot at placement on an upscale site that wouldn’t normally handle your business.

The same (or is it the reverse) goes for bloggers. (Hold on while I switch my marketer hat for my blogger hat.) With this option, there’s a larger pool of potential advertisers, which means more opportunities to make mo’ money.

Couple of notes:

Most text ad sizes will convert except for the following:

  • 120×240
  • 125×125
  • 180×150
  • 234×60
  • 320×50

If you use any of those, stop it and move over to ads that will convert. Why deny yourself?

For site mangers, if you currently have “display and text” as your AdSense option, this new program won’t apply. You have to change your preference to “display only”.  In the future, I suspect AdSense will take away the option entirely and just make all of the inventory options the same. I mean, is there anyone who only wants text ads?

If you’re rather not have these new magazine ads, you can opt-out and stay with true-display only, but again. . . why? At a glance, these new ad types seem like the perfect marriage between text and display. And right now, they’re new enough that they might actually catch a reader’s eye and isn’t that the ultimate goal?

What do you think? Game changer or no big deal?



  • “… ook like the images you see above.” I don’t see any ads.