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facebook audience insights“Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”

I’m sure Sun Tzu didn’t have social media marketing in mind when he said that but it sure is true . . . well, it’s true if you substitute the word “customer” for enemy.

Do you know your customer as well as you know yourself? Facebook has a new tool that can help you if you don’t and might surprise you if you think you do.

The new Audience Insights tool will show you what your target customer loves to do, watch, buy and how they spend their free time. It’s an intriguing look at not only your customer pool but how that pool stacks up against Facebook users as a whole.

You’ll find the tool in the Ads Manager. Choose “create a new audience” then start checking off the criteria. If you’re promoting a brick and mortar business or anything localized, you can narrow your audience by city or country. From there you can choose an age range, gender, income levels and education. I know, pretty typical stuff.

Facebook’s demo is a fashion boutique opening in several major cities. The first result they see is a lifestyle category:

Facebook lifestyle audience

The selected audience is very likely to be a fashionista and a working-class mom. Compared to others on Facebook, they’re not really into the outdoors and (surprise) not overly interested in health and fitness.

The next part is where it gets interesting. As you click around the Insights tool you’ll see graphs and data related to your target audience. Here’s a favorite, it’s Page Likes.

Facebook audience page likes

This shows you the pages people in your target audience follow. There’s a lot to learn here. For example, they like Mad Men and Sex and the City. If you know those shows, that tells you a lot about their sense of style. Look at who they follow, Michelle Obama and Oprah. They love Pride & Prejudice and Tiffany. At a glance, I know this audience is interested in style and standards. If you’re selling cheap, funny t-shirts – this is so not your crowd.

You can also use this tool to look at your current followers instead of the potential customer pool. What you see here can help you decide what to post on a daily basis. If your followers enjoy a particular TV show, make-up brand or snack food there’s potential to hitch your star to that wagon either officially or unofficially.

The Facebook Audience Insights is one of those tools that the more you play around with it, the more you’ll learn. So once it’s live, take some time to throw the switches and see what happens. You might find a whole new audience segment you never thought about approaching.