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Microsoft Corp Surface Pro 3We went from PC’s down to laptops down to mobile phones. Then someone realized we missed a step in between and invented the tablet – the perfect cross between a laptop and a mobile phone – or so they thought. In reality, tablets like the iPad certainly bridge the gap but if you create a lot of documents on your laptop a typical tablet is a poor replacement.

So Microsoft tried again, creating yet another option that falls somewhere between a laptop and a tablet. It’s the Surface 3 and it’s the one mobile device that could make you leave that clunky, too-heavy laptop at home.

The main difference between Surface and an iPad is the detachable keyboard. But that’s not new. We’ve seen it before. What is new is that it’s lighter and faster than earlier models and it has a bigger screen. That’s right. I said bigger. When everyone else is trying to cram a tone of technology into a smaller box, Microsoft decided to roll back the clock a little and add a couple of inches to the screen (12-inch, 2,160×1,440-pixel resolution  vs 10.6-inch, 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution).

Two inches makes all the difference when you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation or preparing the companies financials. If you’re writing your novel, there’s one other small but huge difference, the new, multi-position kickstand makes it much easier to type. There’s even a laid back mode that makes it easy to use with a stylus.

Can you actually work with a Surface 3 on top of your lap? Microsoft says yes, but the images look awkward. I don’t think they have that part licked.

Now it’s time to ask that big question – what does any of this have to do with online marketing? It has to do with the future and the way you think about content. Microsoft may not have gotten this one exactly right, but the Surface 3 and tablets like will eventually wipe out the laptop market. They may, one day, wipe out the traditional PC, but that’s much further down the road.

Even though Surface has a keyboard and the ability to search the web we still have to rethink how we use it for advertising. Screen size, navigation, tapping and swiping verses scrolling and clicking. Tablets are immersive. They cry out for ads that talk, move and look like content.

Take this entire post as a warning that what you did last year, isn’t going to work next year so you need to start brainstorming or the mobile revolution will leave you in the dust.


  • zetruenando

    I think that Microsoft has finally seen the light and the idea of merging the laptop and tablet is the way to go. What about the pen? Digital inking is an area that opens a whole new range of applications and use cases. So if the software vendors play the game and develop inking support into their apps, then Microsoft might have finally found the next rising star.

  • I have a 17-inch screen. They’ll either have to take these laptops off the market or build a tablet that matches that much screen space. And I need more computing power and I need less heat, while they are working to improve my personal computing life. All for less cost, too.

    And let’s coin the term “lablet” for these hybrid computers right here, right now.

  • Norton Loomer

    If your laptop is too heavy, then you either have a very old laptop or you are too weak. I would never give up my laptop for a tablet.

  • Ann07


    Seems like every time technology passes us by, it gets thinner and thinner, and even more efficient, what could be next!? Maybe holographic technology, they’re even trying to invent kill-free-meat now!

    I agree on what you said Cynthia, we shouldn’t expect that today would be the same as tomorrow, last year the same as the next, because every day we learn something new and apply it very quickly, this makes everything we discover, learned, practice, and mastered look as if they’re just the basics and a foundation of something more exquisite and great waiting on to be discovered and used. It looks like a nonstop cycle.

    Thanks for posting!