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Punchtab millennial genderOnline advertising, blog content, social media posts — there are so many ways to reach the fashion buying audience. How do 60% of millennial women learn about fashion brands? From direct contact with other people who are wearing it or talking about it.

According to Punchtab, the omni-channel engagement and insights platform, only 20% of millennial women and 10% of millennial men learn about brands via a social channel. (Haven’t we sung this song before?)

34% of millennial women and 29% of millennial men say they read articles online to learn about new brands.

Not such good numbers but don’t give up the fight.

Punchtab says that once they hear about a brand from friends, 80% of millennials will go to an online shopping site to check out your product. 58% will go to your company website for more information.

Once you have them hooked, millennials are loyal and vocal supporters.

Millennial women are:

  • 7x more likely to reTweet your brand messages.
  • 2x more likely to share Facebook content
  • 4x more likely to follow you on Pinterest

The numbers aren’t so high on the men’s side, but they’re still better than nothing.

  • 3x more likely to follow on Twitter or Facebook
  • 2x more likely to post a comment on Page or Tweet to a brand
  • 1.5x more likely to purchase other kinds of items from the same brand

More than half the men and almost three-quarters of the women in the survey said they belonged to at least one fashion-related loyalty program. They also said they’d be more likely to do things such as follow on social media, answer polls and surveys if they were incentivited to do so.

Best incentive? Exclusive access to events and products. Hear that? You don’t have to give them a lower price, just give them something their friends don’t have.

Millennials have 600 billion in spending power and they’re one of the most social and influential age groups on the web.  Want to learn more about how to reach this tricky demographic? Punchtab has a free report that can help you get it done.