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Pinterest is $200 million dollars richer today but they claim to the be the same, loveable, image sharing site they’ve always been. But it makes me wonder, what are they going to do with all that money. . . .

johnnybag_of_moneyInvest in Social Commerce

Pinterest should be a great place to shop. It’s already like a giant catalog with everything from cute party straws to island vacations. It’s getting there. Lots of pics have pricing information and links to buy but it’s not fully realized.

Part of the issue is the fact that Pins can last longer than the product itself. I clicked through on an adorable Batman costume for a puppy and landed on a “product is no longer available” page. That’s frustrating, but at the same time, it’s impossible to remove an image with a dead link. The originator can take it down but what about all the repins? Plus, old images are still good search engine fodder.

Maybe what they need to do is create a separate Pinterest called The Marketplace where every image represents an item for sale. Which leads me to. . .

Invest in Niche Versions

The latest trend is actual a return to the way things were. Instead of all for one and one for all, we’re moving back to the concept of niche sites. You can hang out on Facebook and hope to find people who love collecting old records or you can spend your time on a former for old record dealers (the records are old, not the dealers. . . necessarily. . . ).

What if you could choose a Pinterest sub-niche: Pinterest Food, Pinterest Travel, Pinterest Fashion. A whole Pinterest devoted to nothing but that specific topic. Pinterest is growing fast and it’s overwhelming for some. It’s also hard to get noticed. But if you’re a small fashion boutique on a site with 1 million fashion fans, isn’t that better than being a small boutique on a site with 70 million fans many of whom couldn’t care less?

Invest in Search Marketing

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s where I go to look for crafts, cakes, and sometimes collectibles. I can find these on a normal Google search, but Pinterest does it better. What’s funny is that the site wasn’t built to be a search engine, but seeing the trend, they’re rolling with it. Over the past year, they’ve made the site 200% more searchable than ever before. Not easy.  80% of pins are repins which means a search for “Jaws poster” could net me a full page of nothing but the exact same image. It doesn’t. It actually returns a really nice selection. So whatever Pinterest is doing not, they’re doing it right. They just have to keep it up, blow it up and then open advertising up with an easy-to-use network.

It’s 100 degrees here in SoCal, so why not end the week with a particularly odd Jaws poster that I found on Pinterest. Is this for real, cause I love it.

Jaws Beautiful Day

Have a great weekend and stay out of the ocean.



  • Ann07

    I love Pinterest, because you get to find great high quality images, none like other search engines as you’ve mentioned Google,

    I, too, find interest better, it’s a good investment when it comes to
    business, particularly when you’re in the business for food, clothing,
    it’s almost good for anything,

    Our generation today is more interested in high quality clear images, and Pinterest is one platform that offers all those stuff.
    have a good day!

  • Hi Cynthia,

    LOL….odd poster indeed. Let’s see where and how Pinterest invests this bounty. Neat to follow the story.

  • Ted Rubin

    Great post Cynthia. So much value being created via Pinterest for marketers. Agree with all of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing.