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Entertainment-in-the-Era-of-the-SelfieMe. Me. Me. It’s all about the me! A new survey from Edelman shows that consumers are taking control over what they watch, when and how they watch, rendering the old TV Guide virtually obsolete.

Binge-watching online is up from 86% to 94% here in the US. In China, 99% of respondents said they’ve binge-watched their favorite shows. 72% do it because they simply want to know what happens next. (This is me, binge-watching old seasons of 24). 57% said they do it to feel “caught up” and a handful simply want to avoid being spoiled by friends who have already seen it, so they hop online and get up to speed.

Binge-watching is bad news for TV advertisers but it’s good for online providers and the shows themselves. Around the world, people are as likely to share information about their entertainment choices as they are to share information about their friends. Can you believe what happened on Game of Thrones!!! Oh, and Susan had her baby. . . but man that battle was insane!

For those who think the internet is bad for the human race, check out these fun facts.

Edelman Enter Survey 1

The YouTube one might be a sign of the apocalypse, but its good to see people enjoying offerings from other cultures. That can only help, right?

The Good of the Many

The best news for content producers is that consumers are more likely to offer praise for good content than complain about bad. 53% of US consumers have recommended entertainment content to a friend and 33% have shared their thoughts with their entire social network. 37% said that a good experience led them to buy a product or service from the company that produced the content.

On the flipside, only 34% have ever criticized a company for boring or bad content but 27% said they would ignore content from the same producer in future.

The Good of the Money

Edelman asked the survey participants about the factors that drove them to plunk down their hard earned cash in return for some entertainment. The dark blue line is the current year with 94% saying that their personal happiness was paramount. Excellent quality was more important than long-term enjoyment which is why people are choosing a streaming service like Netflix over owning the DVD.

Edelman Purchase Intent

More people than ever are looking for instant gratification and they’re willing to put out a little more effort if it means they get it now. 68% said they rely on positive reviews from people they know. A big number but not even close to being the most important factor and even fewer are concerned about moving from device to device.

Bottom line: they want what they want and they want it now!

Gail Becker, president, strategic partnerships and global integrations at Edelman says,

“This year, we found that consumers want their entertainment ‘selfie-style’ – content centered on them, immediately gratifying, engaging and shareable across their social networks. Brands that can successfully deliver or enhance compelling entertainment to consumers stand to gain through positive word-of-mouth and association.”

You can view the entire Edelman presentation online for free and you can view it right now.

  • There’s good news and bad news in this report even for the entrepreneur marketer.

    The good news is of course the YouTube is featuring higher than ever in the viewing figures. The bad news is that people are searching for shows rather than information.

    The obvious answer is to be the someone who can provide extra information about the shows being watched. Gather written reviews and comments then convert them into a mini-show. It doesn’t have to be big-budget, so long as it can add value in the eyes of the viewer.

    The other bit of good news is that more people are giving positive comments to videos. It used to be extremely difficult to get people to say something good about your video.Not it’s only ‘slightly difficult’.