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Facebook’s latest iPad app update is all about keeping visitor engaged longer by putting all kinds of trending and entertaining content in the sidebar.

The top corner will continue to feature birthdays you should have remembered and events you thought you’d attend but probably won’t. Below that you’ll find the trending topics, just like on the website. Click one and you’ll go to a curated list of posts related to the subject. This is how Facebook keeps on top of hot topics like the Game of Thrones finale even if none of your Facebook friends are posting on the subject.

Below that is where it gets interesting.

Facebook iPad Update

The third segment is “My Games” and it includes easy access links to the games you’ve played.

Says Facebook:

More than 70 percent of people who use Facebook for iPad worldwide played a Facebook-connected game in the past 90 days. So we’re also dedicating a section of the iPad app to games people play, and over time, we will include ads where game developers can engage players.

Did you catch that last part – game ads. Rejoice developers, rejoice!

Next is “Popular Games”. These are trending games and games your friends are playing that you might want to play, too. So basically, it’s an ad for a game.

The one that really interests me is the final block which is called “Trending Videos” which features “a personalized selection of the most-shared videos among your demographic on Facebook right now.”

Does this mean videos linked from YouTube or Vimeo or only videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook? Does anyone upload directly to Facebook? And what about video advertising? If everyone is watching a trailer for a new movie, will that show up in the sidebar? It should, right? Sure, it’s technically an advertisement but it’s also popular entertainment.

Funny thing about this sidebar is that it actually works for the user, the content marketer and Facebook. The user gets easy access to popular content. Content marketers get more visibility for games, videos and posts (Trending Topics) and Facebook gets more time spend on the page.

What do you know? A win-win-win. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday, especially on Facebook.