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Facebook Multi AdFacebook just released a brand new ad unit that is nothing I’ve ever seen before (but maybe I simply haven’t been paying attention?) The ad contains a side scrolling carousel with three product images. In this screengrab, you can just see the second image coming in on the right. You can see it in action on the Facebook for Business blog.

I’m not a fan of ads that slide, jump, jitter or repeat but I’m digging this Multi-product ad. The scrolling movement is slow, giving you enough time to look at each image as it travels by. I wish that when it got to the end it would continue on like a solid loop. Instead it jumps back to the start like a Vine video. Smooth would be better but I can let that go. (Now that I’ve made my thoughts known.)

Each product has it’s own description and click target so you have three chances to catch a consumer’s eye. It works on both the mobile app and the desktop.

I think this is a nice way to feature new items or suggest related items, like a purse and shoes to go with that dress.

NoMoreRack tested the new ad unit, sending it out to a custom audience of people who visited their store but didn’t buy. Facebook says this resulted in a 42% increase in click-throughs and a significant drop in cost per acquisition.

Custom Audience Improvements

Facebook is also making some improvements to their custom audience tool. Going forward, you’ll be able to target people who haven’t visited within a particular time period or people who have visited certain pages. They also added targeting for specific product types.

Custom Audience Details

If you have the time to make the tweaks, this could be a very powerful combo. Locate the people who previously bought shoes from your site then show them a multi-image ad with three new shoe styles. Target consumers who bought a tent with a multi-ad full of camping gear. It’s automated personalization! How can it not pay off?

One last note, Facebook also made changes to the Page Manager App for both iOS and Android. It’s a cleaner interface with more intuitive navigation. They’ve also made it easier to write a post or add a photo. You can get all the details on that upgrade right here.