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facebook video call to actionFacebook is ramping up the delivery of video advertising with two new tools and a tweak.

First, when an advertisers sets up a video ad in the ads Create Tool, Power Editor, and/or API, they’ll have the option of choosing “video views” as a campaign objective. This option is a signal to the backend to show the video to Facebook users who are “mostly likely” to view the video, taking into consideration the device and target demographics.

“Additionally, advertisers with account representatives will be able to show people who have viewed a specific video additional ads, whether video or photo ads, through a new retargeting feature.”

Why only advertisers with a rep? Because it’s not worth messing with for the small business who only spends a few hundred a month or less?

Next, there’s there call-to-action button. This makes so much sense, I can’t imagine why they ever launched video ads without it! Advertisers can use this button to redirect viewers to their website or a specific page on the site. I guess it was a tough call for Facebook because it means sending people off the site after they’ve watched the vid, but it’s not like people won’t return to Facebook when they’re done.

Finally, there’s this:

Today we’re also introducing the ability for advertisers with Facebook account representatives to predictably reach a significant number of people and control message frequency. Now, advertisers who utilize Facebook’s reach and frequency buying will be able to predictably manage audience sizes and the number of times their ads will be shown to those audiences.

Does this mean the advertiser will be able to specify how many times moms in Oklahoma see a video ad versus dads in Kansas?

The new options will start showing up globally in the next few weeks, but as noted, many of the changes will only be available to Facebook high rollers.