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We’re all familiar with those ads that follow us around the internet, reminding us of where we’ve been. Now those ads can follow you to Twitter, too!

The secret is in the ultra new, Twitter website tag that matches your recent visitors to Twitter handles.

Twitter Website RemarketingIf you already have a Twitter tag for conversion tracking on your website, you’re good to go. If not, you can create a new snippet in the Twitter Ads UI. While you’re there, build an audience for remarketing then wait for the Twitter users to visit your page. In the example, a surfer dude checks out the new boards at the SoCal Surf Company! (Hey, that’s my neighborhood!) He’s not sure if he’s ready to buy so he leaves the website without making a purchase.  ;(

Later, surfer dude is on Twitter talking about the radical swells happening at the Bonzai Pipeline when . . . look at that. . . a Promoted Account ad pops up in his Twitter feed – “Need up to the minute surf conditions? Follow us for updates!” SoCalSurfCo.

Hmm….interesting choice. Funny that Twitter’s example didn’t send the shopper back to the website but instead simply asked him to follow the brand on Twitter.

Twitter says that 1-800-Flowers had tons of success when they beta tested the conversion tracking tag and “@Betabrand used it to drive a 63% decrease in cost per acquisition.”

Privacy concerns? Users can uncheck the Promoted Content box in their settings and that will effectively opt them out of any targeted advertising.

If you’re placing ads on Twitter, I think this is an excellent way to target an audience that has already shown an interest in your brand. Sometimes all a person needs is a little nudge toward check-out to complete that sale. I suppose in the long term, paying for more Twitter followers can be a smart move, but I prefer a sale in the wallet versus two hanging around outside the store.