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“There are apps that improve people’s lives.”

Apple kicked off their developer conference this morning with an uplifting video about the power of mobile technology and even I can’t be cynical about this grandiose look at how far we’ve come and we’re just getting started.Well. . . they’re just getting started. According to CEO Tim Cook Apple has 9 million registered developers but what’s really impressive is that 70% of the people at the conference are newbies, combined they cover 69 countries with the youngest attendee only 13-years old.

That tells me that the future for developers is looking bright and beautiful.


It also means the future for mobile marketers is going to change, and fast, and again, even faster.

Apple’s WWDC14 keynote is actually a joy to watch if you have the time and an Apple product to watch it on. If you’ve ever wondered how tech companies come up with these crazy product names, watch the OS X naming crisis at the 49 minute mark. (OS X Oxanrd! OS X Rancho Cucamonga! OS X Weed!)

Apple’s next generation Mac is OS X Yosemite. It comes with a lot of new, time saving bells and whistles the best of which is called Handoff. When you move your iPhone or iPad next to your Mac you can jump seamlessly from one to the other. You can start an email on your laptop and finish it on your iPad. You can find a phone number on your Mac and your laptop will make the call on your iPhone.

Let’s talk about the implications for your business. I’m a shopper and I find these great boots on Pinterest. I think you might have them at your boutique so I instantly sync my iPhone and Mac. Save the image to my phone and now I can show you exactly what I want when I visit your store. I can also find your store phone number online and with two clicks, call you on my iPhone. Yes, I could just dial the number while I read it off the laptop screen but anything that shortens the distance between you and a potential customer is a good thing.

iOS 8 – coming to an Apple device near you this fall

In the past year, 130 million people bought their first Apple device. That brings the total iOS user pool to 800 million. In the fall, most of those people will hit the install button on iOS 8 making their devices more helpful and intuitive than ever before.

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming:

Photos App and iCloud Photo Library:

Access to all of your photos and videos across all devices with automatic updating when you edit a photo. Photos comes with a new suite of smart editing tools including horizon, lighting and color adjustments.

Interactive Notifications and Messages

When you get a notification, just pull down and respond, even on the lock screen. Reply to a text, RT a Tweet etc – all without launching the app. Mail now has all sorts of swipe capabilities that makes it easy to flag a message, delete or respond with data from another email message. If the email message comes with an action, you’ll get an app suggestion. For example, a dinner reservation from open table automatically comes with a link to add it to your calendar. Tap. Done.

Again, this is all about shortening the difference between you and your customer.

Spotlight Search

You can still use the Spotlight app to search for items in your phone, but now you can also use it to extend your reach. Search for a movie and you’ll get local movie times or options to buy the movie online. Use it to search for apps, news, restaurants. . . in other words, customers can now use Spotlight on their iPhone to search and find you.

Family Sharing

iOS 8 allows family members to share photos, calendars and . . .. ready for this. . . purchases. That’s right. Up to six family members can now share the same songs, movies, games and books across multiple devices. This may mean fewer purchases for sellers but it’s a better customer experience and that’s good for everyone. A few months ago, I bought iMovie for my iPad. My son loves it and kept borrowing my iPad just to use it. I hated the idea of paying again so he could have his own copy. With iOS 8 it sounds like we’ll not only be able to have our own copy but we’ll be able to share our work. I start the video on my iPad. He finishes it on his.

For parents, there’s also a new Ask to Buy tool, so kids can shop for their own apps but they would download until mom says yes.

And More!
A built-in Health app that combines data from all the popular fitness devices and health apps.
Talk to Tap. In text mode, hold the microphone button and record your response. Swipe up and it sends. Works with video, too.
Self-destruct option automatically removes audio and video messages so they don’t take up space on your phone.
Lift to listen. When you get an audio notification simply lift the phone to your ear and it begins playing.
Do Not Disturb is one touch that turns off the notifications on a busy text messaging thread.
Share location with a group of people for an hour, a day or until you shut off the option.

Even if these options don’t help you sell, they’ll help you get more done with less effort. Who doesn’t want that? Let’s wrap this up with a look at that uplifting Apple video. If you can see this, thank a developer.