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With every passing upgrade, Pinterest is becoming more like a visual search engine and less like a social media network. A few months ago, they launched “guided search” on mobile and now that same feature is coming to the web. Kinda bass-ackwords if you ask me but they didn’t. . . .

On the web, guided search looks like this. It’s a series of filters designed to help you narrow down the choices when you’re looking for something specific.

New search on Pinterest

In the sample case, it’s about the difference between bbq (the thing you cook on outside) and bbq (the yummy food you like to eat).

Once you’ve made it clear it’s recipes you’re after, Pinterest serves up another set of filters: do you want bbq pizza, bbq for the oven, bbq in the crockpot or actual bbq recipes for the grill? You can also specify the type of food you want to bbq to narrow your options even further.

Also note that they’ve expanded the search box so it stretches almost all the way across the top of the page.

Here’s the old style:

current serach on Pinterest

You can’t see it in the new image (and my account hasn’t been converted so I can’t take a screenshot) but there is now a button that says Categories to the right of the search box and a people icon with the word Skip. I assume this is to choose between searching for Pinners vs Pins.

Pinterest has 70 million users and they’re still growing. I don’t have a stat to prove it, but I know more people are turning to Pinterest as a search option. Remember that game we used to play when we were kids with the big ghost in the middle. .. . let’s look on Pinterest.

I tried to search for the answer to that question and got this:

Pinterest oops

Looks like Pinterest is upgrading the site as we speak!

The point is, people are using Pinterest to find things. New things. Old things. Recipes. Ideas. Take advantage of that. Get your products on Pinterest now. Fill in the description box with the new filters in mind. Is this Supernatural the TV show or just supernatural? The more you put in, the more you’ll get out as the new engine searches for the best match.

One last note on hashtags. People use ’em but I’m not convinced they work for one big reason. They’re live links that take people off your image in the wrong direction. You want people to click YOUR link to your website – leaving Pinterest for the right reason, not go off on a treasure hunt for pins posted by other pinners.

Is there SEO value in a Pinterest hashtag? Honestly, I think Pinterest’s search engine does just as well, if not better without them.

Want to weigh in on the hashtag debate? Please do.