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mhiy5UU - crowdOn YouTube, subscriber count is one way of measuring a channel’s success. To make sure that number means something, YouTube is going to start removing suspended accounts from the subscriber numbers. This means you’re probably going to see a drop in your subscriber count after June 16 but it’s not like those people were actually watching your videos anyway.

We’ll probably never see the numbers but I’d bet that a few of the more popular channels are going to see a noticeable dip in their subscriber count next Monday. I wonder if there will be an uproar, an outcry, a new version of Bob’s Tank Army running rampant across the network?

You and I can agree that those suspended subscribers shouldn’t count in your totals but that doesn’t mean people will be happy to see their numbers drop, even a little. We’ve become so attached to those numbers – especially the ones that are visible to the public. You’ll have the same number of views you’ve always had but watching your subscriber count go from 1,200 to 999 is going to feel like a big hit in the face.

After the June 16 clean-up, suspended accounts will be removed automatically on an ongoing basis so the dip will look like the normal ups and downs. And the change is reversible if the suspension is repealed.

YouTubers can be suspended for a long list of reasons. On the minor Terms of Service infractions, you have to be a repeat offender but they’ll take you down without warning for predatory behavior, severe cases of spam and policy violations such as hate speech and harassment.

YouTube uploaders often get banned for repeated copyright violations but I’d guess more people are banned simply for leaving comments that violate the terms of service.

Are there any numbers out there about the number of people who are suspended from YouTube on a monthly basis? I couldn’t find any but I’d love to know. Link me up in the comments if you know of such a stat.

Bottom line is this isn’t going to affect your marketing efforts at all. In fact, it’s going to help because it will give you a clearer picture of how many real people are watching what you post on YouTube. The big numbers might feel better but the smaller, accurate number is better for your bottom line.