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Back-to-school shopping is a family affair [Infographic]

Families Shop Together BaynoteMom might have control of the wallet but when it comes to back-to-school shopping, what they buy is a family affair.

According to a new study and infographic from Baynote, 70% of parents will bring their children along with them when they shop in-store for back-to-school supplies.

Only 36% include their children when they shop online but here’s an interesting thing; though most back-to-school shopping happens at a brick and mortar store, the percentage of online shopping increases as students age.

On average, respondents say 64% of their shopping will be in-store, the rest online via computer or mobile device. But the online percentage is much higher when people shop for college students.

Baynote Aging StudentsI suspect this has a lot to do with the nature of the buy. Grade school supplies are mostly small items such as notebooks, pencils, and backpacks. If I order these small items online, I won’t even cross the free shipping thresholds for most retailers. Easier to drive to Staples and CVS, use a coupon and get out cheap and easy.

College students need computers, text books and dorm room furnishings. Now, I need more choices and I’m well into the free shipping area on price. Why lug a comforter, sheets and pillows home from the store when Target will deliver them to my door.

This is why 84% of shoppers said they were more interested in free shipping promos than any other kind of online deal.

baynote_back_to_school_sk_4-3Online Influences

Even though they’re mostly shopping off-line, parents and students are often inspired by what they see online.

24% said they find ideas on Facebook. 16% turn to Google+ for shopping inspiration, beating out Twitter with only 14%. Surprisingly, only 11% said Pinterest was a good source of back-to-school inspiration. Maybe because they think of Pinterest as more of a DIY site rather than a site for practical purchases?

The majority of parents said their child’s wish list was the biggest influencer followed by the school-supplied list and product reviews.

That means you can’t ignore the student in the advertising process. A coupon for 20% off a backpack won’t help if your store doesn’t carry the trending styles.

To see the entire infographic, just click the little picture and watch it grow.