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The Definitive Guide to Lead GenerationWhen I heard that marketing automation company Marketo had published “The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation” I was skeptical.

Everyone publishes the definitive guide to everything these days.

When I actually browsed through the 160-page ebook I was blown away. They really did produce the definitive guide to lead generation–and I’m not just saying that because they sponsored this review.

If you have less than 2 years in the marketing space, then you should grab your free copy today. I can almost guarantee that you will learn A LOT! Even if you’re long in the tooth, like me, you’ll be impressed with the in-depth advice contained in the guide–and will likely pick up a few new nuggets of info.

Which forms generate the most leads?

Which forms generate the most leads?

What’s included? What’s not?

  • How to define a lead
  • How to use different channels to generate qualified leads – inbound, search, email, direct mail, telephone, events, you name it!
  • Detailed advice on different types of content to use for lead generation
  • How to optimize and test your leads
  • Measurement and ROI tracking

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation really is a valuable resource, and it is FREE! Sure, you have to provide Marketo with a few pertinents, but why would you want to read an ebook from a company that doesn’t practice what it preaches? 😉

Download your free guide


This post was sponsored by Marketo. I am very selective about which companies we help promote.