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Facebook previously allowed advertisers to minimally target their ads to mobile device users. The options were limited–operating system and whether they were on wi-fi or not.

The social network has announced improved targeting–allowing advertisers to target say, a Google Nexus 10 with a minimum OS version of 3.0, who are on Wi-Fi, if they so wish.

Facebook Mobile Targeting

For marketers, the update allows you to fine tune your targeting for such variables as:

  • Only target advertisers using a device new enough to support your software.
  • If owners of an iPhone 5 spend more money with you, you can up your ad budget just for that device.
  • Target your ad creative to each type of device. E.g. show iPad users different screenshots to iPhone users.

Anyway, the new updates are live so go check them out. The Facebook developer behind the updates certainly hopes you will:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.12.06 AM

  • Hi Andy Beal, I am glad you pointed out this useful information with us. In my point of view, this is great news for facebook users. Who want to advertising on this platform?