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My Tweets earned 5.5K impressions over the last 28 days.

I was impressed by that until I saw that I was down 8.0% compared to the previous 28 days. I’m slipping. But thanks to Twitter’s fancy new organic Tweet analytics tool, I can now pinpoint the source of the problem. . . .

Here’s my screenshot from this morning:

My Twitter organic analytics

I get that nice big headline telling me how well I’m doing in comparison to myself. I like that. That’s followed by a 28 day bar graph. Again, easy to read and the perfect overview of the ups and downs. Looks like late June was hot and things fell off as I rolled into July.

Twitter, if you’re listening, here’s what this char needs; a note about how many Tweets per day in each bar. I appreciate that impressions aren’t always coming in on the newest Tweets, but I suspect that my drop off is due to the fact that I’ve been posting fewer Tweets recently. Can’t really tell from this.

The second half of the page is a detailed breakout of each of your Tweets. Again, it’s all clear and big and easy to scan. Thank you Twitter.

You get Impressions, Engagements and Engagement Rate (I divided by E = ER). I wanted to see if this was running in real time, so I posted a test Tweet then went right back to the analytic dashboard and it was there! Amazing.

My Twitter closeup

Seven minutes later, it looks like this. 10 Impressions, 1 Engagement, 10% ER. Since there was nothing to click, I’m not sure how they’re measuring Engagement but I still feel like I’ve gained something from the numbers.

The right side bar on the dashboard is lined with smaller graphs showing Engagement over the past month, Link Clicks, ReTweets, Favorites and Replies. There’s a lot to review here and most of it is truly helpful information. This is the same information I normally pull from Hootsuite, but this new dashboard is so much easier to use. (Sorry Hootsuite, I still love ya’)

Twitter suggests you use this new tool to find your optimal Tweeting times and quantities, and obviously to see which Tweets are resonating with customers and which aren’t.

The only downside to this whole thing is that you have to be signed up for Twitter ads to get access to the tool. You don’t have to actually buy ads – I’ve never bought one – but you have to sign up. I run a dozen accounts and signing up for each of them separately is annoying. I wish Twitter would let us batch them the way YouTube does now so I could just switch out of one and into another.

But that’s a minor annoyance. Twitter’s new organic Tweet analytics is all the information you need to properly run your account. It’s easy to read at a glance. It’s fast and it’s free. Can’t ask for more than that.

Go to to see if you’re account has been activated.



  • Well, now it’s only a matter of time before people start circulating schemes for inflating impressions and interactions.