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Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Martin Brossman to discuss online reputation management for individuals and small businesses.

Martin is a passionate social media and small business coach and so had some great questions for me.

The video is 50 minutes long, and I don’t hold anything back.

Some of my favorite discussions in the video are outlined below:

About LinkedIn: “I don’t even ask for someones resume any more I usually ask can you send me your LinkedIn profile. It gives me a little bit of social proof”
Time Mark: 07:30 – Direct link to this location:

My attempt to define the Hummingbird update and how it relates to Google reputation management.
Time Mark: 10:56  – Direct link to this location:

The steps of responding to negative reviews – When dealing with negative review consider blending with the customer first.
Time Mark: 23:43 – Direct link to this location:

Digital Shrinkage: You need to factor in digital shrinkage.
Time Mark: 31:47 – Direct link to this location:

Being Careful vs Standing for a Cause: Pick your battles carefully then hold your ground.
Time Mark: 44:36 – Direct link to this location:

You can view the complete index of topic discussions here.