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Wow, what a weekend. That final World Cup match was amazing! It looked like Twitter was going to take it but Facebook came in at the last moment with a tremendous push! There was, of course, a ton of talent on the field, but I think it was the fan support that really made the difference.

I mean, what’s the fun of playing if no one is watching. . . or in this case. . . talking about it online.

Twitter ended the match with an impressive 32.1 million tweets.


But Facebook claims they fielded 280 million interactions from 88 million people during the final game. That broke the record making it the single most talked about sporting event in Facebook history. (Which pretty much means “of all time”.)

Facebook Final

I wasn’t surprised to see that most of the conversation came from men 18-24. But I was surprised to see that the US was the Loudest Country, generating 10.5 million messages during the final match. This from a nation of football and baseball fans. Interesting.

Lionel Messi of Argentina was the man of the hour on both Facebook and Twitter while Mario Goetze was the most buzzed about man on Germany’s team.

To cap off their win, Facebook shouted out even more numbers, like these:

  • From June 12 – July 13, 350 million people joined the conversation on Facebook, generating 3 billion interactions (posts, comments and likes) related to the World Cup.
  • 10 million people from Brazil were on talking about the final match
  • 57% of all the Brazilians on Facebook joined the conversation at some point during the entire World Cup series.
  • 50% of the Facebook users in the Maldives also got involved. (10 points if you can tell me where Maldives is on a map without looking it up.)

Facebook also had their share of celebrity moments such as:

Still, Twitter takes the prize for high-profile, celebrity Tweeting with this photo of the winning team and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Twitter also gets mad props for this congratulatory message from the stars to the stars:

That’s it folks! Now it’s back to business as usual and the next big social media trend. . . back-to-school! Whoo Hoo! Let’s here it for the home team. Go Fighting Armadillos, Go!