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LinkedIn ReportLinkedIn just published a new study about harnessing the power professional consumers or “prosumers” as they call them. Without even looking at the numbers I can tell you that LinkedIn members have more buying power. It’s a networking site for people who are serious about whatever their business is, so chances are they have more discretionary income and a desire to advance – both professionally and personally.

What surprises me is LinkedIn’s choice of opening and closing graphics for their report. It’s a group of cavorting college students. The girls are all riding on the back of the boys and everyone is laughing.

Is this really LinkedIn’s audience? Shouldn’t we see people at work, at a conference. . . girls not riding on a guy’s back?

Let’s take a fact break:

  • LinkedIn members have 2x more buying power than Facebook members. They’re also loyal (86%) and 78% said they were willing to pay more for high quality items. That’s great news if you sell higher quality items – this is your audience.
  • LinkedIn members are aspirational. 76% are considering a long vacation, 66% are looking to buy a new car.
  • LinkedIn members are 2x more likely to trust information they read on LinkedIn compared to any other network.

Look where they go with that statement:

LinkedIn Content Chart

This chart rates various content sources based on worth and innovation. LinkedIn, Wired and Inc all do well on both counts. The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and The New York Times are worth reading but not all that innovative.

Facebook, however, sits squarely in the “Wastes My Time” section with a helping of “Less Innovative.” Oh, snap. Twitter comes off a little better but not much.

If that wasn’t enough of a slap, LinkedIn also put together a chart showing the uniqueness of their audience:

LinkedIn Unique audience

19.2 million monthly viewers on LinkedIn. 13% of those people don’t have a Facebook account. Which means the overwhelming majority does. 58% don’t use Google+ and here’s an interesting one, 83% of LinkedIn users do not visit Pinterest. You might think it’s because LinkedIn is more male oriented but they say it’s actually a 50-50 gender split. So I guess those driven prosumers just don’t have time for the fine art of baking, decorating and curating cool pics.

Bottom line, LinkedIn is an excellent place to communicate with upscale consumers, not just about B2B subjects, but B2C, too.



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