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Millennials are a tricky group. They fall between age 18 and 34. On the younger side, they’re just starting out the “adult” portion of their lives. Many are headed to college while others are still figuring out what they want to do. On the other end of the group, we have marriage and kids and mortgages but that doesn’t mean boring. Millennials can be movers and shakers, YouTube stars and start-up kings, but you’ll also find plenty of lost souls who use social media to replace the daily social interactions they had when they were in school.

One thing you can say about all Millennials, is they’re mobile. 80% of Millennial Twitter users post and skim their feed via a mobile device.

Millennials on Twitter

According to Twitter’s latest infographic, 81% check in at least once a day and 60% tweet at least once a day. A small portion checks out their Twitter feed more than 10x a day! These are the ones who like to post their every thought for the world to see. “Feeling blue. How about you?” Insert: Cute dog photo. “Just ate a pickle for lunch.”

67% of Millennial users said they like to tweet random thoughts. They also use the service to share photos, jokes, talk about current events and discuss fun activities.

Millennials on Twitter 2As a matter of fact, Millennials see Twitter as a source of entertainment. 47% said Twitter is great for a laugh or to banish boredom. 71% said tweeting about an event makes it more fun. They also like reading tweets while following a live event on TV and would happily use a hashtag to make it easier to follow the conversation.

If you’re marketing to Millennials, then you need to think entertainment over information. This audience is more likely to share a funny, branded image than a statement of fact. And if you can turn your tweet into a fun activity that’s even better. Ask your followers to caption photos, create their own manipulations, or fill-in the blank on a funny meme.

It’s also great when you can tie your product into what’s happening in pop culture but don’t get carried away. It’s one thing to hop on the World Cup bandwagon but Millennials won’t buy it if you pretend to be cooler than you are. In this example from Twitter, Denny’s references trending punk band 5 Seconds of Summer by poking fun at themselves and it totally works.

Dennys TweetWriting funny tweets isn’t easy but if you can get it right the Millennials with respond with retweets galore.

It’s sharing time. What’s the funniest tweet you’ve ever written? Let us know in the comments below.