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One thing that has always bothered me about Pinterest is that you can search by keywords but you can’t follow keywords. If I’m interested in movie memorabilia – I can follower pinners who often pin movie memorabilia, or I can follow boards pinners set up that are all about movie memorabilia but I can’t follow all pins related to movie memorabilia.

In the near future, that could change.

Pinterest Interests

Pinterest just started rolling out Pinterest Interest filters, some of which come with their very own follow button.

It begins with high-level topics such as Hiking or Camping. You can choose to follow at this level or drill down to a more specific level such as Hiking –> Pacific Crest Trail.

Which ever level you choose, all pins related to that topic will now show up in your feed. (I’m assuming all. Maybe they’re going to pull a Facebook and filter your filters.)

This makes so much sense, it’s a wonder the site wasn’t built this way in the first place.

It’s a slow roll out in English first. It will be available on the web and on the Android and iPhone apps. As usual, I don’t have the option yet, so I can’t give it a test drive. In theory, you’ll be able to choose any of the topics on the main category page and find a follow link and a drill down. I couldn’t find any examples, except the outdoor activities they used as an example in their post.

As good as the idea is, it’s still flawed. As one commenter points out, the filter is a little too literal in spots. For example, what would you expect to see on the Explore Outdoors page? According to the secondary filters, it’s all about camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking. But the pins that appear under the topic header are anything but. . .

Pinterest Outdoors

Yes, it’s outdoors – but it’s outdoor decor which doesn’t relate to any of the filters you see at the top. Acknowledging the comment, Pinterest says this will correct itself over time. True to some extent, but Pinterest’s search engine relies on what people write in the text box. So if I post a garden photo with the word “outdoors” in the description, it’s going to show up on this page.

What I find really interesting is that Pinterest chose this topic as their tester. Feels like they’re trying to shrug off the notion that the site is oriented toward home, crafts and food. Not saying outdoorsy people don’t use Pinterest but a look at their own “Popular Pins” page tells the story.

Pinterest Popular

DIY Baby Blocks, hair styles, S’Mores and help for postpartum pain. Come on Pinterest, embrace your true nature.

From a marketing standpoint, these new filters are superb. If you pin and label correctly, you have a chance of showing up in more feeds than ever before.



  • I appreciate that. Hope you are having a great follow option on Pinterest