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We haven’t talked about Vine in a while, but that’s mostly because those little, loopy videos have become so commonplace on social media. But even though the novelty has worn off, we’re still captivated by the artistry of a well-made Vine video.

Digital Insights says Vine has 40 million users and 5 Vines are Tweeted every second. The best Vines are sticky. We watch them over and over and over and now Vine is counting. Going forward, every Vine will have a Loop Counter which shows how many times the wheels on the bus have gone round and round.

Vine Update
It updates in real time so you can test it by watching your own videos again, and again, and again. You might also see a little plus sign next to your loop count. This means your video was uploaded prior to when they started counting back in April so your number is approximate. It will keep an accurate (ish) count going forward but everyone started at zero on the same date.

To celebrate your success, Vine has also added milestone notifications. You’ll get a hearty congratulations when you hit 25 likes, 100 likes and so on.

They’ve also giving the mobile app a facelift which includes a clear line in the sand between new activity and older activity on your feed. Videos have a little more room to spread out and the comment section is cleaner and easier to skim.

Have you been using Vine to market your product or service? I see them all the time from the big brands and plenty from your average Joe who just wants to show off his new toy, dog, or skill. But what about you small business owners? Not seeing much from you guys.

Need some inspiration? Here are a couple of Vines to help get you going: (can’t get the embeds to work, sorry.)

A visual trick like this is always interesting and can be used to draw attention to a particular product;

Here Urban Outfitters shows you how to make a cool vacation scrapbook page. Show your customers how to do something cool with your products.

What’s your current favorite Vine? Put the link in the comments so we can all check it out.