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Journalate LogoThis past week I launched Journalate, an online private journal.

I had two reasons for building Journalate. First, I wanted a place where I could share and review my thoughts, ideas, prayers, and rants from any device–without worrying that they would be seen by the wrong person. Journalate was built to be secure, encrypted and private.

Secondly, as someone that has watched reputations self-destruct because of something that should not have been posted publicly, I figure there was a need for something that let you get your ____ rant off your chest. A safe place to express your (dis)pleasure with the events in your life.

What I didn’t count on was the pent up frustration that had already been building towards the over-sharing that goes on in social media. When the Triangle Business Journal picked up on Journalate’s launch, they labeled it the “Anti-Facebook.” While not something I was going for, I can certainly see that the hat fits.

JournalateFurther evidence of a new Facebook rebellion comes from the UK, where thousand of users have signed up to post to a new site that lets you vent anonymously. While I don’t think that’s the best idea–your boss might still be able to figure out that anonymous rant is by you–it further demonstrates the desire for a place to get things off your chest.

I’ve written many times about social media fatigue–the saturation of public over-sharing tends to wear on you after a while. It will be interesting to see if this is just a minor road bump in the growth of social networks, or if the “anti-social” network is the new hip thing.

In any event I (shamelessly) hope you’ll grab your free Journalate account. 😉

Empty your head. Privately.