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According to a new Custora report, 26.7% of revenue from email marketing – the largest percentage  – was generated via this device. Was it the desktop? The tablet or the mobile phone?

Surprise, surprise, it was the mobile phone. Emails opened on a desktop only generated 20.9% of revenue, tablets generated 23.1%. That’s amazing given that a large number of marketers haven’t optimized their emails for mobile. Mobile phones also drove the majority of Direct traffic conversions while Paid Search rules on tablets.

Look at this grid from the just published “Custora E-Commerce Pulse Report“:

Custora Ecommerce percents

On desktops, it’s all about Organic Search, followed by Direct, Email and Paid Search. And look at what’s not doing so well on any device – Social Media coming in no higher that 0.6% of revenue from mobile phones. It’s barely a blip and it’s worse on desktops and tablets.

Let’s go back to good news:

Almost half the traffic to e-commerce sites now comes from mobile devices (phones/tablets), which led to $40 billion in sales last year. In 2014, we’re likely to see $50 billion. 

But there’s a disconnect. Mobile conversions aren’t rising at the same rate as mobile, e-commerce visits. In 2014, mobile only generated 18.2% of all e-commerce activity. That means, we love being able to browse the stores whenever we want, whether we’re waiting for a bus or waiting for the TV commercials to end, but we’re not so quick to push the buy button.

When people do buy, they spend less when they’re using their mobile phone.

custora conversionsAnd not just a little less – a lot less in comparison to both desktops and tablets.

Why aren’t people shopping with their mobile devices? Some of it you’ve heard before; it’s hard to navigate, registering on a small screen is a pain and they’re worried about security. But Custora’s responders brought up several other interesting points. One said they’re worried about security of a different kind – they don’t feel comfortable whipping out their credit card to type in the numbers while they’re on the train. If their information was already loaded from a previous buy, they’d be more likely to shop on the go.

Another woman said she felt shopping on a mobile phone trivialized the experience and made her feel like she wasn’t being wise with her money. Interesting. Mobile certainly allows us to be more spontaneous with our spending, but I’ve never bought an item impulsively on my phone. I’ve done it dozens of time on my desktop. Not sure what to make of that.

Custora’s conclusion is that even though mobile is booming, you’re still better off wooing the customers via their desktops. Will this change in the near future? Probably, but for this coming holiday season, you want to make sure you’re hitting all the big screen buttons if you want the big payday.

For more, download the free “Custora E-Commerce Pulse Report“. It’s loaded with lots of great food for mobile e-commerce thought.

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