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Ripen Pinterest Infographic 2A psychologist could spend a month explaining why we’re attracted to certain types of photos but we haven’t got that kind of time. What we do have is a new infographic from Ripen eCommerce that shows us which kinds of Pinterest pins are more likely to succeed.

Before I give away the secrets, let’s talk about why Pinterest is an important tool for eCommerce sellers.

The average check-out value of a Pinterest customer is $140 – $180 dollars that’s about double Facebook and way higher than Twitter. With more than 2.5 million page views per month, Pinterest is the second highest referral platform after Facebook.

The downside to all the traffic on Pinterest is that you have a lot of competition. I couldn’t find out how many pins go up on an average day but I found a stat that said 5 million (!) articles were pinned every day and another saying 1.5 million places were pinned every day. And those aren’t even the most popular types of pins.

So let’s just say, there are a lot of pins on the site so you have to do all you can to stand out.

Ripen Pinterest InfographicFirst thing to do – eliminate the faces. Weird, right – people love faces on magazine covers but they don’t like them on Pinterest. Images without faces get 23% more repins.

Next, soar to new heights. Tall images are shared 67% more often that short images. This is probably due to the way Pinterest is laid out. Tall images simply look more impressive. So think California redwoods instead of mushrooms.

Let there be light! Lighter images are repinned 20 times more often than dark images.

Text counts: 200 to 300 character pins get shared 57% more often than shorter or longer pins.

Doing business:

Pins with prices have a 36% higher chance of being liked and if you want people to click, ask them to click! A call-to-action in the description increases your engagement by 80%.

The Clock is Ticking

Like all social media networks, Pinterest moves faster than a kid heading out on the last day of school. You have about 1 week to make your pin work for you and that’s being generous. 40% of activity happens on the first day so don’t think you can set it and forget it.

Ripen Pinterest Infographic 3

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of Pinterest? Visit Ripen eCommerce for the full infographic and more tips.

  • “A call-to-action in the description increases your engagement by 80%.”

    Holy cow! It’s amazing what simply asking someone to do can mean for your social activity. Read this, check it out, download now—all those phrases trigger something in us that make it worth a few extra seconds of our time to poke around.

    • cynthialil

      I think we’re conditioned not to ask because it makes it sound spammy or we think. . . well the click is implied. But studies show that people will RT more on Twitter when you ask them to. Like on Facebook when you ask and click on Pinterest when you ask. The secret is not to ask 100 times a day!