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world cup ecommerceBaynote says that competing in the ecommerce marketplace is like playing for the World Cup. You have to have a solid team, a well-researched plan and you’ve got to go for that goal! It also doesn’t hurt if you get the fans on your side with a special promotion or VIP treatment.

To prove their point, they created a themed infographic called “World Cup of e-Commerce” which is actually their 14th Annual Merchant Survey in disguise.

When asked how they were getting ready to “play”, 42% of marketers said they had made significant investments in Mobile Optimization. That’s encouraging. Only 27% put their money into Personalization and Targeting.

More than half of those surveyed said they spend a large portion of their funds on Search Engine Marketing and Customer Acquisition. 81% said they were conscientious about keeping branding consistent across all channels and that’s likely why 67% now have advertising and marketing working together as one team.

Somethings never change – 98% said that running sales and specials was the most valuable strategy for turning browsers into customers. 89% offer conditional free shipping. Shipping costs are a big make-it or break-it factor when I shop online and I know that it becomes an even bigger factor when we get close to the holidays. Gotta find a way to sneak more of those shipping charges into the price so the shopping cart totals don’t skyrocket at the end.

baynote keep fans happy

I was glad to see that e-tailers are thinking about customer service. 95% said that “exemplary” customer service was one of their key strategies for customer loyalty. 92% are working on streamlining checkout and that’s another pet peeve of mine. Every so often I hit a site with an old school, multi-page checkout system and it makes me want to scream. I mentioned the other day that I had to abandon my entire order on a site because the shopping cart wouldn’t work properly.

If you’ll allow me to grab you by the shoulders and shake you once or twice: don’t let a backend glitch hurt your chances for a sale! You can have the best products at the best prices but it won’t matter if the shopping cart doesn’t work!!!

Shaking over.

I’ll close with this: 32% of those surveyed said mobile was responsible for 10% of their revenue. That number is going to rise and very quickly as we head toward December 25. Is your e-commerce store ready to handle the mobile traffic?

I hope so.

If you’d like to see Baynote’s entire “World Cup of e-Commerce” infographic, just move your cursor back a bit and click on that lovely, colorful link.


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