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Pinterest just made the site a little more personal and a little more useful with the introduction of Pinterest Messages. The concept is simple but when you think it through you’ll find it has a lot of potential – provided everyone you want to contact uses Pinterest.

When you discover a Pin you want to share, you click it, click the share button, choose a fellow Pinner from the list then type your message. Like other messaging services, it stays open so the person can respond if they’re online. Otherwise, you can find the response in the notification section.

Pin Conversation

You can tag multiple people and start a group conversation like this one. Here, the first person is planning a camping trip. She tags two other people sending them a photo of the woods. Who’s bringing what? Person two searches for a picture of s’mores and sends that out as a message and it appears like magic on the thread. Everyone tagged on the thread sees the response and can add their own.

Now, if you’re like me you’re thinking, seriously? I can’t just type the word s’mores? I have to find  picture to send to my friend because why. . . . he can’t read?

How about this, then? You’re working on a project for someone and they send you images as inspiration. I love the color of this and the shape of that. You respond, can do on the color but the shape is tricky, how about this?

The Pinterest intro post mentions a graphic designer who keeps a board of his logos. Clients can skim the images and message the ones they like so he can get a sense of their style. It’s simple and it works. . . again. . . only if your client happens to use Pinterest.

Messages works on the desktop but clearly it was designed for the mobile user. With the desktop, you have to wait for an email notification that you have a message, then go to the site to check the message and respond. Unless you’re on Pinterest a lot, you’re not going to get pulled into these conversations immediately.

Mobile app, different story.

Pinterest Messages feel like it has a lot of potential. It’s going to help someone, somewhere do things faster and easier. It’s not going to be me, but it could be you.


Note that Pinterest is about to “refresh” the profile icons. Instead of being square with rounded corners, they’re going with round circles. I hate circles. Faces look terrible in circles, it’s hard to put a company name in a circle. Grrr.

Check yours and follow these guidelines to make sure your current icon fits in the new space.