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HyperlapseImagine a 45-minute walking tour of your farm compacted into 5 minutes. Or a 20-minute fashion show compacted into 2. Imagine what you could show your customers if you could do it quickly, without the dreaded shakes and without complicated editing.

The folks as Instagram not only imagined it, they made it so in a new app called Hyperlapse. Even the name is cool. And what makes it so special is an epic stabilization tool that allows you to record a ride down a hill on a skateboard as smoothly as if you were standing still. (Click here to see a comparison video.)

But is it easy to use? Of course it is.

We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible. You don’t need an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, you open up straight to the camera. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. Choose a playback speed that you like between 1x-12x and tap the green check mark to save it to your camera roll. You can share your video on Instagram easily from there.

Not quite that easy. . . here’s the glitch. With Hyperlapse, you can shoot up to 10 minutes if you have an iPhone 4, or up to 45 minutes if you have an iPhone 5. Very nice. But Instagram only allows 15 second videos. So that’s some major compression. It works out to be. . .

I’ll let someone else do the math:

Hyperlapse allows you to choose different speeds. By default, videos are set to 6x. A 6x speed means that your Hyperlapse video will be 6 times faster than its original recording. For example, a 60-second video at 6x would end up being 10 seconds long after it’s sped up.

You can do something very artistic in 15 seconds but for practical purposes, it’s not ideal. Luckily Instagram isn’t your only option. The videos save to your camera roll like any other video, so you can upload them to YouTube  or Vimeo or Facebook, etc.

With a little creativity and a few tries, a marketer could use this new app to turn out a very captivating video. Show your product or service in action. Show how its made. Show the world your space. With Hyperlapse even a simple office walk-through will look cool.

Try Hyperlapse then link us up so we can see your work. I think this one could be an excellent tool for all online marketers.