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eMarketer says worldwide revenue from business-to-consumer ecommerce sales will hit $1.500 trillion this year. That’s an increase of 20.1% over last year. A large portion of that growth is coming from China where more than 6 our of every 10 dollars is spent on ecommerce. By 2016, China is expected to beat the US in ecommerce spending and that’s just one of dozens of countries showing incredible growth in this area.

Now look at this:


By 2017, 5.1 billion people worldwide will be using mobile phones. Again, Asia is leading the charge but we’re also seeing growth in the Middle East and Africa.

When you combine the mobile phone usage with the rise in worldwide ecommerce, you can see why it’s important to think globally when talking about mobile advertising.

What we need to remember, is most people aren’t using a smartphone and they’re not part of a super-fast network. And I want to be clear about one more thing – most cell phone owners aren’t using them to shop. In some areas, having a cell phone means access to health care, jobs and communication with the outside world. On the flipside, mobile advertising isn’t always about retail goods. What we’re looking for here is a way to get any message across cheaper and more efficiently be it a storm alert or a sale at Old Navy.

Facebook’s new approach is to categorize users by not just type of device but by connection speed. There’s no sense trying to show a video ad to someone on a 2G connection. So Facebook’s new targeting tool lets you switch out that bandwidth-intensive video and substitute a photo or a link instead.

Facebook global ad choice

If you’re advertising globally, this is an excellent way to reach the right customer without over-spending and without driving potential customers crazy with ads that won’t load. The tool is currently available through the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the API.

Reaching a Global Audience with iAD

Apple’s iAD App Network has just expanded their reach by adding Russia and Switzerland to the list of countries served. That brings the total up to 16. They also just added pre-roll video and full-screen interstitial banner ads to their mobile repertoire so now there are even more creative ways to reach your audience – and hopefully generate more revenue, too.