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Mobile 500 FactsHow does $83.78 billion in revenue sound to you? That’s what the top 500 leading retailers are expecting to see in mobile commerce by the end of the year. That’s 79.9% growth over last year and 21% of total online sales for those sellers.

The numbers come from the newly released “Internet Retailer 2015 Mobile 500” report.

Who is number one on the Top 500 list? Amazon, of course and they’re not stopping until everyone on the planet has shopped their site. Their 2014 mobile sales project falls just short of $17 billion.

Paul Cousineau, director of mobile shopping at says;

“We want a customer to be able to have 100% of their relationship with Amazon on any device they choose. Mobile is a transformative technology. As our percentage of customers adopting mobile continues to grow, mobile can no longer be a limited subset of features or products. People do not put their phone down then go find a desktop to do something. They use their phone. And we think with clever use of functions and design, it is possible to give mobile customers 100%.”

Personally, I’ve never had much luck with Amazon apps. I’ve always found them incomplete and clunky. I haven’t tried it since their most recent update but the reviews on iTunes are all bad so I’m not hopeful. I don’t understand how a company as tech savvy as Amazon can get mobile so wrong. . . . still . . . $16.8 billion in mobile sales. . . I guess they’re doing something right.

Apple comes in number two on the list. Walmart is in the top ten. In addition to the usual suspects, two new names made the 2015 list; Sony Electronics and Inc. Congratulations to the both of them for cracking the top 500.

And then there’s eBay. My favorite shopping venue would take the top slot with a projected $34 billion in m-commerce in 2014, but Internet Retailer doesn’t include them in the calculations because they only facilitate sales for other vendors.

If you do add eBay’s mobile revenue into the mix, the final tally is amazing:

Add up the Mobile 500 and eBay and the leaders in mobile commerce will hit $117.78 billion in 2014, up 77.0% from $66.56 billion in 2013.

Internet Retailer says mobile sales are skyrocketing thanks to advances in responsive design and app building. Right now, tablets have the edge over smartphones, but they predict, with smartphone screens getting bigger and apps getting smarter, mobile phones might top tablets in 2015.