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yesmail mobile vs desktopYesmail has good news and bad news for email marketers.

First, the good news.  “The number of purchases made as a result of emails opened on a mobile device has grown almost 40 percent over the past year.”

Now the bad news. “Revenue from mobile purchases increased by a comparatively modest 10 percent.”

No big deal, right? Because people who open email on a desktop clearly love to click through and spend. True enough, but Yesmail says that 64.5% of all email opens happen on a mobile device. And since the average order on a mobile device is 33% lower than the average order on a desktop ($55 vs $83) that’s a lot of money missing from the cash register.

Part of the problem is email fatigue. It’s not just that marketers are sending more, everyone is sending more. And when you’re on mobile you’re also competing with incoming text messages and social media notifications. There’s simply too much information for both the physical space and the brain space.

There’s nothing you can do about the amount of information in the air. But you can make it easier for customers to buy your products when they do open your email on their smartphone.

It begins with responsive design. Now here’s a fact I didn’t know. Android phones turn off images in email messages by default. That means your beautiful, graphics-based message isn’t getting through the way you intended. Since one-third of all mobile activity happens on an Android phone this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Yesmail suggests you make good use of background colors and alt-tags so even without images you customers get the message.

Another way to increase opens and clicks is to implement a triggered campaign – emails that automatically go out when a customer abandons the shopping cart or completes another type of transaction behavior.

The open rate for triggered campaigns is 2.5 times higher than general campaigns and the click rate is almost double.

yesmail triggered email rates

Finally, Yesmail suggests you pay special attention to your long-term subscribers. They found that on average, more than half of an email list’s active (opened or clicked in the past 90 days) subscribers have been subscribers for more than a year. These are your loyal customers. The ones who have stayed with you and will stay with you until the end if you treat them right.

In all cases, a marketing email needs to have added value. It’s not enough to just ask someone to click to see the newest products or get a great deal. The best emails deliver complimentary information; recipes, fashion advice, DIY videos. Teach your customers how to do something faster, easier or better and they’ll open those emails every time. Getting them to click and spend more. . . well, that’s a little harder.

  • That’s an interesting read indeed. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try the triggered campaign tip from now now. Thanks Cynthia.