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New Pinterest AnalyticsEveryone loves to see their social media numbers rise; followers, engagement, clicks. It makes us feel like we’re doing something right. But the real power lies behind the numbers. Who are these followers? Why are they clicking? Would they click more if you had blue images instead of red ones?

Pinterest’s new analytics for business is all about the faces behind the numbers and I’m excited to use Pinterest again.

The first thing they did was make the dashboard pretty. I know that shouldn’t matter but this is Pinterest! Plus, color-coding helps me see what’s happening at a quick glance.

The opening page is all about the quick look. It’s an overview of impressions and engagement over the past week in number, percentages and graphs.

New Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

Across the top are three tabs, Your Profile, Your Audience and Activity.

Your Profile and Activity include most of the same data you had in the old analytics, just neatened up a bit. The real gold is under the Audience tab. This is broken down by Demographics and Interests.

Demographics is broken down by country, metro area, language, gender. There’s also a device filter so you can see if your followers are iOS or Android lovers.

The Interest tab is especially interesting. There are three sections. First, “Interests.” These are the categories your followers tend to click on and follow. They’re broad terms that fit into Pinterest’s new search options such as “Healthy Eating” “Short Hairstyles” and “Rave Outfits”.

The one thing I’m not to clear on is the difference between “All Audience” and “Your Followers”. I believe “All Audience” means everyone who clicks on one of my pins even if they don’t follow me. This is a deeper pool so the information here is all over the place. (Healthy eating and Rave Outfits. . . just saying. . . ).

“Your Followers” shows what your target audience is into. Very interesting. . .

Below that is “Boards with a lot of your Pins”. Again, by follower or audience. Use this to reach out to your biggest promoters. Offer them a free something or a deal as thanks for their support.

Below that is Businesses your followers follow. This is fascinating. Some will be competitors, some not. Click through and see what these companies are doing with their Pinterest channel. You might even stumble upon the perfect partnership. After all, the two of you already have a sub-segment of followers in common.

Pinterest packed a lot of data into the new analytics. Set aside some time to go through, poke around and see what you can uncover. You might find a partner, a loyal influencer or a whole new marketing angle you never thought of before. More than that, it could give you the inspiration you need to start updating your Pinterest page on a regular basis.

  • Gotta love more analytics to sort through! I know that for many B2C brands Pinterest is a HUGE source of traffic and revenue, so knowing more about their audience there is going to make a big difference.

    • cynthialil

      Thanks for the comment Nick. I think this particular approach that drills down into the demographics and interests is really exciting.