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I had to chuckle at this SEMPO infographic when I saw that “less than $1 million” was the lowest option polled for digital marketing spend. That would be like asking me how many push ups I do a day and giving me “less than 100” as an option. I don’t do any, but I’ll be happy to check that box! ūüėČ

While many companies are likely spending way less than a million bucks on internet marketing, those that are coughing up the cash are not spending that much on social. In fact, despite the hype, paid search, SEO, email, and display ads are still beating the pants off Facebook and Twitter advertising.

Digital Marketing Budgeting Infographic

  • What I want to know is how they assign dollar values to SEO and social media. Tracking your PPC budget is easy. But how do they quantify something that is “free” like social media (aside from promoted posts). You might not be spending as much cash, but what about time and manpower?