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And now an important message from our friends at Twitter:

Twitter analytics tweet

That’s excellent news for anyone who even remotely uses Twitter as a marketing channel. It’s even good news for people who are just curious about their impact on the social media world. It’s just plain, good news across the board.

A few months ago, I wrote a mostly positive post about Twitter’s new analytics dashboard. My only complaint was that you had to have a Twitter advertising account to access the tool. Not as big a hurdle as you might imagine because you didn’t have to actually advertise but you did have to sign up and I believe you had to put in your credit card information. I’m sure that kept a lot of smaller businesses from diving in and that’s a shame because it’s a truly excellent tool.

Here we are at the end of August and it’s a problem no more. Everyone now has access to Twitter analytics. All you have to do is log in to your account then go to

This morning I logged into the account I use for my eBay business and found this:

Twitter analytics August GraphVery nice. In a matter of seconds, I was able to locate the Tweet that caused that spike. (Looney Tunes!) Combine that with my other top Tweets and I get a much clearer picture of what people want to see in my store. When I clicked on the Followers tab I found out something I never would have guessed, 25% of my followers are into jewelry making. That’s a little strange. I do sell some craft supplies and recently listed a lot of beads but that’s not normal for my store. Earlier this year, I did well with a jewelry making DVD. . . maybe I’m missing out by not catering more to this particular segment.

And just like that, I’m totally invested in Twitter again. Analytics like these, that are so easy to read, are addictive.

Set aside twenty minutes to review your dashboard. Pay special attention to your follower interests and the accounts your followers are following. The most important stat to note is your engagement rate. Impressions and followers are nice but it’s engagement that leads to more money in your wallet.