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Twitch TVSometimes it seems like the tech industry is running its own little – but very lucrative – war. Apple vs Android, Windows vs Mac, Twitter vs Facebook, Amazon vs Google.

Hmm. . . that last one never occurred to me until now. A month ago, I didn’t see Amazon as a Google competitor. Walmart, yes. Every small retailer on the planet, yes. But Google?

If the rumors are true, Amazon is ready to go into battle with the search engine giant and it could be the makings of a brilliant video game.

First, there’s the rumor that Amazon is going to buy live-streaming, gaming network Twitch.TV. Earlier this year, YouTube was planning on buying the network. It couldn’t be a better fit – the world’s largest video network merging with the largest live-streaming game network – what a powerhouse.

Now, sources are saying that Amazon is going to buy the network instead. Interesting.

Most people only see Amazon as a retailer but their instant video network is growing at an incredible rate. Only YouTube and Netflix have more viewers but adding the world’s largest video game network to the stable could be all it takes to push Amazon to the top.

But Amazon isn’t stopping there.

The Wall Street Journal says that Amazon is getting ready to launch an online ad network and the very idea should make the folks at Google very nervous. Sure Google has age and experience, but Amazon has an incredible data pool. More than that, they have the ears of millions of consumers who are ready and eager to buy.

Think about it. A shopper goes on Amazon to look for a Mother’s Day gift and gets an ad for $10 off a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Wait. . that’s great for the flower shop but not so great for the third-party Amazon sellers who were hoping to make a sale. Maybe this online ad network isn’t such a super idea after all.

WSJ says that if all goes as planned, Amazon will develop their own ad network so they can place ads on other sites.

I don’t think Google is too worried about the competition just yet but there’s no denying the power of Amazon.

What do you think? Will this be a game changer for advertisers or not?

  • More and more people are using twitch to. In fact I just started to for a few games that I play and for watching from time to time. It will for sure be interesting to see who picks this site up and what they make of it. Plus the competition that is sparks as well. Some really cool things happen when there is competition.