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1399470_38547755This is the story of Goldilocks and Three Mobile Ads.

One day, Goldilocks was using her tablet to search for wolf repellent for her friend Little Red Riding Hood. Suddenly, a huge advertisement took over the entire screen. It was annoying and she had to stop what she was doing to make it go away. Too big, said Goldilocks and she continued to search.

Next, a tiny banner ad appeared at the very top of her tablet. She didn’t even notice it which is a shame because it was an ad for Talbot Brothers Wolf Repelling Capes. Too small.

Finally, a 300 x 250 medium rectangle ad appeared next to an article about cottage rental through Airbnb. Ah ha! It was just what she was looking for. Not too big. Not to small. That medium rectangle was just right! She clicked it and bought the gift for Little Red.

The moral of the story: if you want people to click on your mobile ads, the medium rectangle is the way to go!

Here’s a slide from Medialets’ H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report that proves the point.


Would you look at that. Handset or tablet, the result was the same.

That’s not all they discovered. They also found that:

Ads on tablets attract 44% higher CTR than on handsets but there are significantly more handset ads than tablet ads. Which means a lot of marketers are missing out on a great opportunity.

A few more facts:

  • Ad CTRs in mobile apps perform 2x better than mobile browser-based ads.
  • Travel and Entertainment ads have an average CTR that is 60% better than any other category
  • Rich expandable ad units keep consumers engaged longer.

The most popular element in rich expandable ads is video. It was used in 56% of all the rich media campaigns in this study. When offered a video 80% of the viewers watched most of the video but only 33% watched to the end. Note to marketers: lead with your best material because the dropouts begin with the very first frame.

Bottom line: mobile ads are working – when we get away from those boring, static banner ads the internet grew up with. Tablets in particular cry out for interactive advertising. Use video, games and clickable images to keep customers engaged longer because longer engagement means more chances to click.

You can view the full Medialets H1-2014 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks Report for free if you simply click that link.